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What is the purpose of HSA Prep Online?

The purpose of HSA Prep Online is to help you prepare for the Maryland High School Assessments (HSAs) in Algebra, Biology, English and National, State, and Local Government.

HSA Prep Online features:

  • Selected response (multiple choice) questions
  • Explanations of correct and incorrect answers and tips for answering similar questions in the future
  • A report page that you can print out to share with your teacher or parent to monitor your progress

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How does HSA Prep Online work?

You can access HSA Prep Online from any computer with an Internet connection. You do not need a password but do need to provide an email address. You can view and respond to questions in random order or by learning outcome (curriculum indicator). After you answer each question, you will see a brief explanation of correct and incorrect answers. When you are ready to end your session, you can print out a report that will show how well you did on each curriculum indicator.

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What types of questions are included in HSA Prep Online?

HSA Prep Online does not include complete HSA tests. It features over 190 Algebra HSA Items, over 315 Biology HSA Items, over 205 English HSA Items and over 340 Government HSA Items.

The questions are from previously released HSAs and the Continental Press, publisher of Finish Line test preparation products. This site does not include grid-ins, which appear on the Algebra HSA, and constructed response questions, which will appear on both the English and Algebra HSAs. While questions on this site will be helpful in preparing for the HSAs, they are not comprehensive and do not address all of the curriculum indicators and assessment limits.

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Who may use the site?

HSA Prep Online was built by Montgomery County Public Schools for the use of students, staff, and families in Montgomery County, Maryland. MCPS webmasters may link to HSA Prep Online from their school and office web sites.

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My school system outside of Montgomery County would like to link to this site and integrate it into its instruction and HSA preparation. Is that appropriate?

Individuals and institutions may not link to this site. Copyright issues prevent MCPS from giving blanket permission for institutions such as other school systems to use this site.

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